Table Talk for Change (2TC) intiative - Tokyo Tribe I
By Kim Stewart Follow | Public

Table Talk is a way to:

-organize a group of friends, coworkers, family members or like-minded individuals in order to “Think Global. Act Local”
-communicate about all kinds of issues while having fun, and
-make a difference

We each have a journey or “michi” (in Japanese) all our own.

Table Talk for Change (2TC) is an initiative that allows anyone to create and empower their small respective communities;
We support each other on our mindful journeys – with the idea that a better self makes for a better world.

We SHARE information.
We SHARE concerns.
We SHARE knowledge and skills.
We SHARE ideas.

“We” make Table Talk – everybody and anybody.

For big dreams to come true, we have to take little steps. Everybody has something special to “bring to the table”.